I Knew It: The Shock Doctrine In Action in U.S.A.

For months, I've wondered by 'we' are not seeing it? The new Republicans supported by large corporations and folks like the Koch brothers, Karl Rove and Roger Ailes (the man behind FOX news) are working overtime to destabilize our country. If enough folks are out of work and in feel enough uncertainty and fear, they could take back the country. Do you notice they never mention putting Americans back to work? The word 'job' never crosses their lips. I believe they don't won't folks back working, because then the country might get back on track. Depression? Bring it on so we can regain power and redo it our way.
It's not hard to see what's happening day by day if you have a sense of world history (think Allende's Chile, for instance) or if you've read Naomi Klein's 'The Shock Doctrine.' It's horrifying to see the Republicans playing 'chicken' with the debt ceiling and that they continuously lie and have vast public forums like FOX to use as a propaganda machine. It's morally abhorrent to see the fight against women's right and against the very Christian principles of helping the poor and the young. It terrifying that they provoke uncertainly about global warming and appear to consider stewardship of this earth and it's resources as plunder. It's devastating to vote against educating a new generation.
I cannot imagine a world run by this new breed of Republicans. Why don't more folks connect the dots?