Today is my 69th birthday. It's a dark day outside with breezes blowing through the upper branches of the trees. Hopefully, that dark sky means rain, right here in this neighborhood and not across town. I see some dampness on the flagstones between the house and the screen porch.
Today's Houston Chronicle says we need more than 15 inches of rain to end the drought in the city. And the tip of the day says that one can save 25 gallons of water each month by turning off water while brushing one's teeth. Enough. We need rain. We need lots of soft rain that doesn't just run off the dry yards into driveways and then on to streets and storm sewers.
Today will be a good day. There will be rain, a visit to my physical therapist to work on my tight neck, another text installation at the building, an afternoon with nothing specific and supper this evening with long-time women friends, whom I haven't seen since our last get-together several months ago.
And then there is Facebook, which sure expands the numbers of birthday well wishers. I have many, many birthday messages this morning. From old friends, from daughters, from new friends, from a college boyfriend, from friends of friends, from folks I work (and worked) with, from my kid's friends. Thank you all for your kind wishes that this be a fine day.
It is.


Sharon said…
Let me add my wish to the list ~ Happy Birthday! You are the model for living life well every single day.