Artful Interventions Continue All Week

This week I've been at the site every day and on into each evening. That late afternoon sunlight is golden gorgeous to see from the windows of this building. We are getting ever closer to completing all of the installations of which there are almost two dozen.
Dick Wray's tower is underway as of yesterday afternoon. Will wonders ever cease? Beth Collins Wray and I saw the first two panels installed early last evening. What a joy to watch.
Kaneem Smith is midway through her lobby installation and will return tomorrow to hang more of her coffee burlap sack columns.
I have two more walls that will 'happen' on Friday in the main lobby cashier's booth and on level 3 where the plan reviewers work. Metalab Studio's piece is complex and I see more and more of the elements being installed and connected every day.
Here's one of my tiny text interventions - all painted by Robynn Sanders. She is terrific. Take a look at more of her work, especially the Art Cars.
Click on this link for much more about all of these goings-on: Artful Interventions 1002 Washington Avenue.