Sunday, June 05, 2011

Ann Roth

Costume designer Ann Roth chronicled 'her week in clothes' for The New York Times on June 5, 2011. Roth pens artful descriptions that also tell a good deal about her activities and sensibilities. Roth says she wore blue toenail polish since the 1950s and way back then, 'ladies' told her that blue toe nail polish was inappropriate. I think I like Ann Roth.
BTW, she won an Oscar for designing costumes for The English Patient. Time to see that film again on Netflix. And she's just been nominated for a Tony Award for costume design for The House of Mormon.
Here's a sample of Ann Roth's day-by-day descriptions of the clothes she wears:

Wednesday, June 1
I gave a lunch in my house for some women from Belfast. I was going to go to a Pilate class beforehand, but I found a beautiful bottle of Sancerre and I drank that instead. I wore a pink cotton dress that I bought in Rome. It's a pretty eyelet with embroidery and a small blue print. And I wore my white sandals. The dress has a name, "lady of the cucina" or something like that. I'll wear an apron, although it's really about cooking in this dress, or rather, pretending to cook.

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