Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random Photos Document a Week, Or Parts Thereof

Perusing lifestyle blogs tonight and found All The Best. Also discovered The Salon Saloniste. Like them both and reached them through An Aesthete's Lament, a blog that I already subscribe too. That being sad, I spend too little time going from one blog to another, finding new places and leaving comments. Take a look at the links and enjoy them all. And now for some recent photos I like.
Image of a very faded brocade that I ripped off its pillow chair cover in order to replace with new fabric. I am inclined to use this strange bit of fabric in a collage. And by the way, here are two of the new chair covers. I love this screen porch on mine.

Here is a shadow box collage I made back in the 1980s and submitted to a Lawndale show. They did not select it. I still have it and it is still strange. The meaning seems clear to me.
I recently found that I am sensitive or allergic to a great many things. Wherever you see red on my back, there has been a bad reaction. The dermatologist said we must manage this situation, gave me prescriptions for four different creams and sent me on my way. So I must learn much more and manage this situation myself - or find a naturopath who knows about chemicals and foods and skin rashes and inflamation. I've already begun to eat more raw food - a multitude of salads. No great changes yet, but it's only been five days and I cheated with a sausage biscuit from McDonald's this morning. I also had a Cuban corn tortilla taco last Tuesday after leaving jury duty. It was a reward?
Before I left for a week in Seattle, I found a second hand book on Russian cotton fabrics at Half Price Books. Began to photograph the garments made or lined with these incredible cotton prints. After taking several photos, I simply bought the book and it sits by the side of my bed. I dip into it before sleep.
When I was in Seattle, my sister and I spent an afternoon going through boxes in Mom and Dad's garage. We filled the car trunk with items for Value Village. Among the boxes was this rug, made to lay around a toilet bowl. I believe it is is the very one that Mom used around her toilet at the Barkdull house in Houston. When Mary B was a small, she fell in love with this little rug and asked Mother if, when she died, Mom would will it to her. Mom got her a bath mat rug just like this one for Christmas which made Mary very happy.
The garden is very pretty right now. So it sitting on the screen porch. Off to bed now. Can it be midnight?

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