Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, A Good Day

Took Dad this morning to see friends at Merrill Gardens, the first assisted senior living center that Mom and Dad moved into when they left their own home. Frank and Nancy Evans met and married at Merrill Gardens four years ago. And they are fun to visit. The lobby was filled with folks, but they gathered four chairs and we had mugs of coffee. Aster is still there, she who knew exactly what everyone in Dad's breakfast group ordered and she simply brought the food to the table. Aster now has a one-year old and she showed Dad photos of her daughter on her phone. Frank and Nancy marveled at the ability of a phone to take photographs.
Dad was greeted by two other women who remembered him. After an hour, he was tired and ready to go. All in all a good morning.
I dropped Dad off and then meandered south on Roosevelt toward the UW area. I was hungry and stopped in at Thrive, a very 'green' raw food restaurant where I had a great Thai salad and a blueberry, pineapple smoothie and then spent a half hour looking at raw food cookbooks. Is there something weird about calling a book of recipes for raw veggies and fruit a 'cookbook'? Nothing is cooked.
In any case, I ended up with four such books and I intend to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmer's markets in new ways. Queta, I'll get that juicer out again and my 30 year old Cuisinart and I'll sharpen my knives and see if the grater I own is up to new tasks. Heading toward a healthy summer.
Dashed into the UW bookstore to buy a book that I did not buy earlier in the week. But, having just purchased books on preparing raw food dishes, I simply wrote down the title and author of the book, plus three others that looked as if I might need to own them someday - or see if the Houston Public Library owns them.
Headed to the Wallingford post office and mailed the first of two big boxes filled with 'stuff'. Always end up shipping things home. Rolled up a couple of dozen tapestry-like scenes that look like Venice back in the day. Mom bought them in Aruba at the Liberty Store in the late 1970s and they've been packed away for a long, long time. Kate and I found them when we were cleaning out things in the garage earlier this week. I lay claim to them.
She made a couple of pillows that are still in use and I have a half dozen of them, but now Earl and I will have a big supply of these scenes to paint on and transform. Also shipped four mustard colored dinner plates with gold rims that I bought months ago at Value Village for 99 cents each. Home they go for screen porch evenings.
After the post office, I dropped by Caroline's house. She and Lulu were on the deck contemplating the planting of herbs and tomatoes. She did get planting tubs out, but the breezes grew chilly and we went inside for hot tea and then she left to pick up Charlie at school. Lulu and I entertained one another. Lulu put ten fake nails on her fingers and this is bizarre to see on a four year old.
Happily for me, when Caroline and Charlie returned home, she Caroline began took my laptop in hand to update MobileMe and offload 1500 photos from my Iphone. High time for that, don't you think? And Caroline did this with Lulu on her lap or wrapped around her neck.
Stayed for supper and now I'm at Kate's giving their cat Boo time outside because Kate and Denny are off for a day or two. I am cat sitting. Tomorrow morning I see Kelan's 9:00 a.m. ball game and then I'll prepare for a big excursion in Discovery Park with Kelan and Lauren while their parents take in the Seattle women's roller blade game.
Sunday morning, I am off to church with Dad again and Monday afternoon I leave for Houston. A big ten days in the Pacific Northwest. As always.
Meanwhile, in Houston, I missed a get-together at Dean Ruck and Dan Havel's studio at 4:00 this afternoon. I arranged for a group on the 1002 Washington Avenue building team to see what they've been working on for the new facility and from an email report, I get the sense that this giant of a piece found favor. It'll be installed during the next two weeks. Feeling the enthusiasm in the emails makes me even more excited about installing the all of the art work created especially for this building. This group of artists will just blow folks out of the water. There is nothing like their work in any city building. I am eager to get back into this job.
Time to sleep. It's dark now and after two sunny, breezy blue, chilly days, we are to be blessed with three days of rain. Read in The Seattle Times this morning that Seattle has gone 191 days without the thermometer reaching 70 degrees. There is something to be said for Houston weather.

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Those fabrics? tapestries? are fabulous! What a great find!