Monday, May 16, 2011

47 Degrees in Seattle

I took one last solitary walk in Discovery Park at 7:00 this evening and there were the Olympic Mountains way in the distance across Elliott Bay. Still a few joggers out. Not dark until after 8:30 p.m. Chilly and damp. How I love to walk in the this park. In all seasons.
Also saw a Texas flag blowing in the wind on Magnolia Blvd. today. And stopped yesterday to speak to a woman tending her garden in front of a house I've admired for over a year. Newly built, good contemporary lines, terrific landscaping for the site. I told her, "I love your house. I live in Houston and every time I come here I have to take another look at it."
She said, "Houston? My husband and I both went to Rice U. He designed this house." I'll have to dig up a photo I took of the place last fall and post. The landscaping last autumn was spectacular. So, at least two families from Texas live in Magnolia, not counting Denny and Kate and certainly Mom and Dad.
Took Dad to church again this a.m. Woke very late at 9:45 and really hustled to leave the house in fifteen minutes. He certainly loves to be there on Sunday morning. He hears and loves the music. He does not hear much else. But that seems to be OK.
This afternoon was taken up with saying good by to grand kids. Took a walk with Lauren around their neighborhood as I felt the need for exercise and walking up hills is the way to get it. And then there was that hour-long walk in Discovery Park. I've spent the evening reading the Sunday NYT.
So, good by sweet family. It's all been wonderful. Every single day has been good. I'll be back in time for black berry season and jam making in September.
Here are a few more photos from these last several days in Seattle.
Took Kelan and Lauren to Discovery Park yesterday for a brief chilly picnic. They found this tree first and had to investigate. Lauren is a climber and would have gone up the tree holding onto bark, but I dissuaded her, saying bark could come off and she'd be left scrambling.
Kelan forgot his jacket so we ate our sandwiches and fresh raw veggies quickly and returned to the house where I made biscuits and cut up strawberries with sugar for a shortcake.
Kelan ate three biscuits with berries just like he'd eat a hamburger. A new way of eating shortcake, that's for sure. Then we played a game I brought him. We got pretty good at it within 30 minutes.
Never posted these images of Charlie Bean's soccer practice from last Thursday late afternoon. He and his teammates are pretty good and I hear they won their game today (while I was in church with Dad.).
Lulu had three little sisters of team members to run around with, so it was a very busy hour. And chilly, even in the sun. The damp chill doesn't seem to affect the kids at all. Lulu and her friends found this lavender pavilion filled with the late afternoon golden light and they ran in endless circles inside the purple columns.
Here's a photo of the two of them right after the end of practice. Lulu headed straight for the camera at full speed. Within the next second, she was in my lap.
It's nearly midnight and I've just finished packing. It really is time to go to bed and get some sleep. I've set the alarm for 7:00. Not chancing oversleeping again.

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