Ten Days In Pictures

Clicked on my laptop's Photo Library folder titled "Last Week" and surprised myself with all the images I'd offloaded. All this stuff took place in the last ten days. So here's what went on.
I made three visits to the permitting center building site. On one of the trips, I met with Serena Lin Bush. We conferred with Bill Neuhaus and the electrician who will install Serena's cameras on the roof and run the cabling down into the central stairwell pit in the basement. I think everyone is on the same page for her project now.
I went to Kaneem Smith's new Street Street studio to take photos of her and the work she is creating for the building. Love what she is doing. Laughed out loud when I saw these painted burlap coffee bags on the wall of her studio. There will be two dozen of them suspended from the ceiling in the lobby. Quite wonderful and quirky.
Met with Bob Card about a bar code of recycled woods that he's making for one of my 'text' interventions. Here's the sample he put together of the various kinds of wood for a barcode that reads 'GREEN'.
I've already showed photos from the AIA Annual Awards Dinner in the beautiful and not yet completed lobby of the permitting center where the wine and spirits were fast flowing. Here is another image from the evening.
Sipped habenero infused vodka with mulled cucumbers with Beth Collins Wray again at Beaver's off Washington Ave. We have such good times together.
Beth and I shared a chicken liver appetizer and a a plate of apple bread pudding. Interesting to me that both dishes had the same presentation, vertical and reminiscent of upended exclamation points. However, both dishes were delicious.
Photographed Tanner and Peyton late one afternoon. Tanner is now eight months pregnant and looks just beautiful. Now she'll have photos of herself and Peyton that are very much like the ones I took of her and her mom Trish thirty-five years ago. Peyton behaved very much as Tanner did then, playing with the camera and her mom. I need to find those old black and white negatives of Trish and Tanner. Might be nice to create a diptych of three generations?
Also helped Earl move into his new studio - last weekend and again today with Barry Rose. He and Barry hung paintings on the long mango wall. Dynamite.
Here's how my studio now looks - without all of Earl's stuff. We are both in heaven with our studios. I have a big reorganization to do in mine, but at least it's cleared and ready for me to put it together in a new way and get ready for new work.
I had a new trellis built onto the front of the screen porch and bought a tall Confederate jasmine vine for it that I hope grow quickly and shield the porch from the western summer sun, though it will probably take a year or two until its breaks that intense late afternoon light - and heat - of high summer.
Finally, over a month's time, I have cleared out the back bedroom so you can walk into it. This clearing has been way overdue. Impetus? Getting ready for Caroline's visit in July with Charlie Bean and Lulu Bell. She has their trip reservations already.
Not sure where to hang the big Dorothy Hood painting that is leaning against the bedroom wall. Dorothy's painting gave way to another Earl V. Staley on a living room wall, but I think that will be temporary.
Sorted the week's mail this morning. Funny how it can stay for days unattended in the basket under the mail shoot beside the front door.
On the left are the bills and two new Netflix and on the right is all the junk mail. I read somewhere that the average household throws away 13,000 separate pieces of paper each year. Most is packaging and junk mail. So, when do we confront junk mail?
Took four walks in the neighborhood this week, getting some of those 10,000 steps a day we are all supposed to take. Found a tiny broken blue bird egg shell.

Went over to Sally's when she and Moises were laying bags of concrete around her big tree in order to form a retaining wall. Major undertaking. We saw mating lizards on the side of her porch.
Saw one small funny cloud in an otherwise cloudless sky as I was driving home on Thursday afternoon. All by itself in the sky. So the days go. Have I recorded enough about these days?