Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sherwin Williams, You Mixed and Matched It

I had a feeling that Sherwin Williams could match that Home Depot Behr paint and sure enough they did. Although the salesman assured me that it wouldn't quite look the same on paint I'd applied three years ago. That's OK. It'll be close enough. So there, Home Depot, you lost a paint sale of your own product and your staff person, Genial James messed with four quarts of paint and still no match of your very own color.

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Sharon said...

This mystifies me, too. I don't know what they gain by not keeping track of formulas...Oh, wait, yes I do ~ we have to buy enough paint to redo the entire wall! Good for you for finding another way.

The last time I tried to match a color I had a very resourceful young man at Lowe's help me, to the point he called Valspar headquarters for the manufacturer's formula. It almost matched the outside of the house, and with a bit of white and yellow mixed in at home I got it just right.

My last trip to Sherwin Williams was to ask them to use their machine to shake a can of their paint. The guy told me the date on the can was past its prime, to which I replied if it's still liquid it's still good:)