Home Depot, Sherwin Williams May Do It Better

Home Depot, I wish you were equipped to sell me one quart of the same paint color that I bought from you three years ago. I wish that by simply bringing in the old paint can with the formula on the lid, that one of your staff could mix the same color. This afternoon, I walked into your Gulfgate store with two old gallon cans of paint. One was Behr, your house brand, and the other was Devoe.
Genial James, the guy behind the paint counter at 4:30 this afternoon, sliced a section of dried paint from the paper labels on each paint can and successfully mixed the Devoe color. He had no luck matching the Behr house brand. After the first try, Genial James told me that Behr no longer uses the accent base of former years. OK, but paint companies like Benjamin Moore, Martin Senour or Sherwin Williams usually keep the old formulas under the counter. No such luck at Home Depot. Maybe, you don't tell your employees how to find old formulas or maybe Home Depot doesn't keep old formulas? Or your employees simply don't care or remember what you might have told them during training?
The first Behr quart was too green, so Genial James took some soupy paint from inside the old Behr can and brushed it a piece of paper, dried it with a hair dryer and tried again. And again. And again. He mixed four different quarts of paint of varying shades of greenish yellow and we both knew none of them were right. After the second or third try, I said, "The formula is on the lid of can I brought in. The accent base coat is on the label of the lid. So are the three colorant numbers."
"Well," he said again, "Behr didn't use that accent base anymore."
"What shall we do?" I asked. "I bought the paint at this store, at this very counter. It's the Home Depot brand."
He was stymied. "Try another color," he offered. Not good enough. My entire former garage/now studio, is painted in Behr's odd wonderful shade of chartreuse that I purchased at Home Depot's Gulfgate store. All I needed today is one quart for touch-ups.
Home Depot, your employee, Genial James, spent almost an hour mixing four quarts of paint, drying four samples and then not one matched the original Behr color. What happens to all this wasted paint? Do you give it all to some charitable organization and write it off?
Genial James and I smiled weakly at one another after nearly an hour at the counter. I took the quart he'd mixed, matching a Devoe paint color.
The woman at the check out counter asked if I'd found everything I needed and I told her no, not at all. Home Depot was unable to match one of their very own colors. She said, "Oh, dear," rang up my purchase of a quart of paint that matched a Devoe color and said if I went on-line and answered survey questions about my shopping experience, I might win $5000. Then she wished me a 'blessed day.'
Tomorrow morning, I am going to Sherwin Williams with my Behr paint can and I will have them match the color I bought from Home Depot three years ago. Not kidding.


intlxpatr said…
I did not know that Behr was the Home Depot brand of paint. I have had the same problem trying to get Sunset Bisque, a white that changes from cream to almost pink as the sun changes during the day. I finally had to settle for Lilting Laughter, but it is not quite the same.

I have a feeling most people are not so particular. Maybe 1% of us really really want the same color, not close enough.