Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hand Knots, Painted and Stitched

Here's a clever way to pull two pieces of fabric together in an open sort of seam. I see the salvaged brocades and velvets from Hurricane Ike flood waters mixed with metallic yarns and ribbons. That is, once my studio is my own once again and there is space to get this stuff out of boxes. I'd inventory those reclaimed fabrics once again and see what works.Chloe-rtw-fw-2011-details-032_135758820260
Here's some commentary from Style Bubble on this image: "This one here, between Dr Noki and Chloe sounds even more unlikely on paper. If you're not familiar with
Dr. Noki's work, have a gander at a Google Image search and you get the idea. Take a look at Dr Noki's website and you might even be a little confused. The main take-away point is that Dr Noki has been dissecting vintage clothes and fabrics for over a decade, refashioning pieces into sustainable pieces before sustainability was even a hot topic. For Chloe's A/W 11-12 collection, Dr Noki took sustainable yarn created from disused/unwanted vintage fabrics and stitched it into a poncho, onto some of the bags and also onto forest green jumper..."
The images below contain work by Hildur, also shown at the Reykjavik Fashion Festival. Thank you, Style Bubble for showing me this work. Love to do my own take. To the studio as soon as summer comes.IMG_9254

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