Friday, April 01, 2011

Good Morning

I was up before 7:00 this morning, without an alarm clock. Comes from going to bed and to sleep a couple hours earlier than usual. On this lovely morning, I checked out the garden, watching the sprinkler system do its work, moving some potted plants around, took out a bag of recycling papers - all from that closet cleaning I am doing.
Wrote my 94 year old Dad a letter, put a stamp on the envelope and its waiting for the mailman. Imagine what one can do with early morning hours. I also enjoyed a 20 minute phone call with Virginia Avery, a wonderful friend whom I've know since my college days in the early 1960s. Her daughter Lesslie invited me home to visit one spring break and I fell in love with the whole family. Jinny called their nineteenth century house Folly Farm. There is a grand piano in the living room and at that time, there was also a set of drums and room for guitars. There was, and still is, a wall montage of family photos in a calico wallpapered kitchen and each frame is lined with that calico wallpaper. I loved it all. What style, what attitude.
Jinny began to come to Houston in the late 1970s when the International Quilt Festival was just getting off the ground, so we had an annual visit. Jinny taught for years at the festival and won their Silver Star Award. She's also in the Quilters Hall of Fame. You can buy her many books on wearable art on Amazon.
Wonderful Wearables: A Celebration of Creative Clothing
What an exceptional woman she is. A bit older than my mom would be. Playing jazz piano and saying yes to life and ideas and good times. Spend a time with Jinny and one's entire attitude shifts to, "This is a fine day. When opportunities come along, say yes."
As Jinny says so often, "That worked out very well." Of course, it works out well if it's expected to work our well.
And what is not to love about these garage doors?
It is almost 10:00 a.m. Time to shower and get to the bank and then on to Art Supply where Earl and I will meet to see his new studio space. Hurray! I will soon have my studio back. Once we get his paintings and easel and brushes and canvases and sketch books moved, I'll be able to say as Jinny says, "That worked out very well."

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Kate said...

Just catching up with blogs after a week away from reading faithfully. Glad to know you are well and moving onward.