Earl Staley's New Studio

Happy news for both of us. Earl has his own studio now at Art Supply on Main St. A second floor studio with a balcony and a kitchen, bathroom and walk in closet. In short, he has his own place. And he has moved all of his stuff from my studio where he's painted for almost ten months. I get my own space back and now we both have really terrific 'rooms of our own.' Watch the transformation between last week when he signed a lease and then had Moises paint the concrete floor forrest green. And then this weekend he had Moises and Felipe painting walls with him. Next weekend Earl will begin to bring over paintings from storage at Sonny's and then we'll really see something grand happening to his new space.
Hurray for both of us.


What a tremendous space! Congrads.
Sharon said…
That's what I call a win-win situation. You both have such an eye for color, form, and texture.
Jeanne McGrady said…
ADORE the floor!