Monday, April 04, 2011

Civic Art Gets Thumbs Up From Fellow Blogger

It is so nice to get a positive mention for work done, or in the process of being done. I just read a post on The Great God Pan Is Dead, an always interesting blog that follows the Houston art scene. Thank you, Robert Boyd, for recognizing how unexpected it will be to see so many Houston artists in one very public building.
This project is terrific and I've loved working on it. The art will be installed in May. City employees, now housed in a half dozen locations around town, will begin moving in about the same time as the art. We'll see how they like their new digs and we'll see how their customers - the contractors, architects and designers - like visiting this new space where they'll get those permits and the coveted red stamps of plan approval.
Folks will see art as soon as they hit the parking lot. Dick Wray's work is the outer skin of the four story exterior elevator. Here's a photo of Dick and his wife Beth that was taken during the meeting when we first saw the model for this four story work. It'll be laser cut powdered coated metal installed in panels on the corrogated exterior wall now in place.
Actually, you will see Dick Wray's four story work even if you never enter the parking lot or the building itself. That four story exterior elevator is visible from the freeway that circles downtown. Spectacular. BTW, it's safer to look if you are in the passenger seat.
More on the civic art for this building at Artful Interventions 1002 Washington Avenue.

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