Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back Garden At Sunset

The light was golden and spectacular this evening. Had to take photos. And supper on the screen porch last Friday evening looked pretty good too. These are the days when the porch is the place to be.
I have a carpenter coming over tomorrow to add a trellis along the front of the porch and I have trumpet vines to plant in hopes they will grow quickly and form a bit of shade from the western sun in August and September. We also talked about bamboo blinds, something I've been thinking about too.
Like these rock pots from Terlingua too. We filled them with succulents and so far they are doing well. Not too damp for them. No heavy rains - which would be really good for the rest of the garden. Especially for the ginger which is very slow growing this season. That brick wall should next to invisible because of tall ginger. Guess that will happen in July?

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