70th Anniversary, It Would Have Been

Today is April 12 and 70 years ago, my Mom and Dad were married in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada in my grandfather's church. Last year, they celebrated 69 years of marriage at their adult family home in Seattle with my sister, two of their five granddaughters, their grandson and four great grandchildren. By all accounts, April 12, 2010 was a great day.
Today is different. Mom died six months ago and Dad is left to think about this day all by himself. I just called him. He was on his way to bed. I said I loved him and was thinking of him on this day. He said he loved me too and that my sister Kate had been to see him two days in a row and my brother John called him midday. So all of his kids checked in on this special day. I know that two of us never mentioned Mom or the anniversary.