Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Unexpected Day in Warrenton

Earl and I did indeed have an unexpected Saturday. We woke this morning about 8:00, and as I rolled over to say good morning, I said that we should take a car trip up through the by-ways west of Houston to see spring flowers. By 10:00 we were on the way. Earl drove my car and I crocheted, except when I was looking at the map, which was often. I was trying to find the back roads that Irina always drives. We departed I-10 three different times for those farm roads. Once at Brookshire and twice from Sealy.
Finally after backtracking twice and running into a trail ride on its way to New Ulm, we found a road to Fayetteville and then on toward Warrenton.
What neither of us realized was that this was the weekend before the big twice-annual Round Top Antiques show. Of course I was secretly delighted. I try hard to stay away from this extravaganza, because I spend too much money.
However, we parked in a lot for $5 and spent several hours perusing a row upon row of stuff. We never even got close to Round Top. We did come away with good textiles from Tessa McKim's booth. Huipules made into pillow covers that we'll use on the screen porch and two Guatemalan totes that I will love carrying with me this summer.
Turns out that Tessa knows Irene Pagan, Kay Neuhaus and she's searched for and bought wonderful merchandise for Robert Hawkin's Surroundings store here in Houston for a lot of years. I am telling myself I do not need to go back to Warrenton on Monday.
I did call Tessa today and ask her to send me the hand woven cotton throw that Earl has drapped over his shoulders. A good thing to have late in the evening on the screen porch, except during May - October. Here's some of what we found and did not buy.
Could this be a fine addition to the screen porch? Check out the cooler between the two chairs and the whole thing is a glider. Now there is comfort. Just kidding. We laughed and passed it by. Passed this odd oak chair by too, though I was drawn to those carved mermaids and it looked like the original upholstery.
Here's a late Victorian dress made with lush fabrics. Velvet ribbon on sewn on by hand.
Let's step back from the merchandise for a moment and see exactly where we are. Right by the highway with bumper to bumper traffic, folks pulling shopping carts, more folks eating barbecue sandwiches and drinking lemonade. Back to more treasures.
Back to the merchandise. We saw Navajo bracelets, Bakelite bracelets, lockets and cameos, table linens, vintage kitchen utensils, an entire row of African merchants with kenta cloth, wooden sculptures, gorgeous ropes of beads and the scent of incense.
Found these wonderful 1950s photographs that look like they have some hand painting on them at Lewann Sowersby's booth. She sells vintage jewelry, yet had these photos lined up on the wall behind her booth. I love them and she's not selling them. Strictly for display. But one really grabbed because it sort of looked like I looked in the 1950s with glasses. Not necessarily the features of the young woman in the photo, but definitely the fashion and those glasses. Thank heaven I took on new looks in the 1960s and then kept morphing into someone else almost every decade.
No turkey platters for us, but loved the tableau. We left with the things we bought from McKim Creek and that was enough.
By the way, the Guatemalan huipule pillow covers look terrific on the screen porch. Now need to find the pillows to put in them. And I have to say that Earl is a good shopper and a good looker. How many men could one take to Warrenton and Round Top and have a really fun time? I couldn't count them on one hand. What a fine day even if we didn't see masses of wild flowers.


Sharon said...

I laughed at the glider, too. My husband loves sales like this and is more likely to want to stop than I am. Then once I'm there I enjoy it, too. We rarely buy anything but it's fun to look.

Kate said...

I would have loved this!!!

Denny would like that glider; the cooler would keep the beer/wine/snacks cool.

On this very same day I was taking in the "other side" of Vegas.

We all move forward.

Tessa said...

Thanks for all of your beautiful comments about my booth. I enjoyed meeting you and Earl. He was a hoot and yes, a great shopper. So cool to discover we have mutual good friends. Looking forward to seeing you in the fall, Tessa