Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Papers In Bed

Earl brought me a stack of the Sunday papers right after I woke up this morning just after 10:00 am., so I never left bed until 2:00 p.m. Papers would be The New York Times and Houston Chronicle. Took me over an hour to get through the front section of The New York Times.
Several more hours and I didn't even get to the magazine section. Here is some of what captured me. Geraldine Ferraro's obituary was just under the center fold on the front page of the Times. It told us again why we loved her so much. First woman to run on a national ticket for vice president of the United States. Of course, I voted for her. She, who saw and understood the under belly of life from her years as an assistant district attorney in charge of the special victims bureau, and went on to become a Congresswoman. She who was a sharp tongued New Yorker. She who had substance and New York grit.
There is growing unrest in Syria and I remembered when we visited Turkey in 2009 and flew into the eastern city of Urfa. Close to the Syrian border, the city felt, at last, as if we were truly in a 'foreign land.' Most of the women I saw in Urfa were Muslim and handed us their cameras so they could have their photo taken with members of our tour, especially George Beatty, whom we said they must have thought was Morgan Freeman.
Back to the NYT. Jerry Brown, repeat governor of California aligns himself with a smart lesbian Latina Republican who happens to be his budget director and knows 'everything.' Cheers for Ana Matosantos, the youngest budget director in California's history. She sounds like the smartest too.
I read that rebels are making headway in Libya, yet a woman fled to a hotel where western journalists tried to save her from being abducted by Libyan militia as she struggled to tell them she'd been raped by as many as 15 men. Apparently hotel employees are also members of government security forces and stopped the cloistered journalists from helping her. She was dragged into a white car.
Indian women are not safe in New Delhi and other big cities. Men from rural conservative areas look at them as prostitutes for showing themselves on the streets with cell phones and short skirts and jobs at call centers. They rape them.
Then there is sexting, also on the NYT front page. A young teenager took a photo of her naked self and sent it to her boyfriend who then forwarded to a friend of the girl's. Well, she sent it out to the world and all of a sudden the image is viral and the girl in the photo is a slut and she changes schools twice, but the photo follows her. Her no-longer boyfriend if rounded up by law enforcement and a lot of teen learn that, even if underage, they are dealing with what is considered pornography. They are stunned. They didn't know. There are consequences. Lives are ruined.
That's enough. Suffice it to say, reading the paper in bed can be restorative, but what one reads can cut to the quick at the same time. Do we offer prayers to all the women, very young and old, who are being abused all over this globe? And do we offer prayers and help to those in our own country who are abused by husbands and boy friends, and if they are in middle school, apparently, girl friends? Do we properly support the women who stand up for social issues and run for elected office and are brave? Not enough. I speak for myself. Not enough.
A couple more things I read about this morning. Houston is only one of three U.S. cities where Brugal rum is sold, number one brand in the Caribbean. It's said to be really good rum. Lastly, this image of a Carolina Herrera gown has indeed got my name on it.

Now, I wonder how I can think about this dress when a defenseless woman in Libya got herself to the hotel where foreign journalists were encamped and yet was dragged off to an unknown jail. And there seemed to be little or nothing anyone could do to rescue her.

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