Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Right Republicans Have Trouble With Women Who Have Sex

What is it about women having sex that is so disturbing to so many people, especially white men in positions of political power and influence? I just finished reading "GOP War on Women: If You Have Sex, Republicans Want to Pry In Your Private Parts" , an on line article that describes the many proposals coming before state legislatures this year. They are simply nutty, mean spirited proposals. Republicans say they want ever less government intruding in their lives, except when it comes to women. Then, they seem to want ever more government oversight. What's going on?
I suspect a potent control issue. Demanding less government means more control over personal interests. "Get the government out of my life, off my land, out of my face." Especially during a Democratic administration.
However, it seems to me that the same men who want the government out of their lives want ever more government control over fertile women who have sex. The proposals about abortion counseling and sonograms and miscarriage investigations are simply ways to control half the human race. All this puffing and blowing is not about abortion.
It's about control of us, our friends, our colleagues and our daughters and granddaughters. Many of us have gained too much control over our own lives. Must be really scaring a lot of men. It's now routine for women to head for law school, become a doctor, run in marathons, buy a home without a male signature, conduct personal financial affairs. Is this insubordination or what? Today, if we chose, we have the economic ability to live independently without a man's financial support.
Interestingly, I see a similarity between what's going on right now in state legislatures and what goes on operas like Faust. In how many operas do women have sex and then pay with their lives? Operas rarely end well for women. Sure hope we're not singing an aria while these legislatures are in session.

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