Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pulling the Garden Together and Procrastinating About Clearing the Back Bedroom

The garden is coming back to life after those two freezing weeks in January and February that managed to turn ten foot tall ginger into dead brown stalks that we cut to the ground. We cut them all down, tied them in bundles and dragged them to the curb for pick-up. I am now waiting for those ginger root clumps to put forth new green shoots and conceal that falling brick wall once the ginger reaches five feet. The lack of ginger sure makes a difference in this garden.
I took a walk the other day and my neighbor said he'd been talking to another neighbor and they were wondering if that four foot high brick wall was new. No, it's not new. It's fifty years old and falling apart. But you can't even see it when the ginger doesn't freeze.
And, if not for the damage from Hurricane Ike, my neighbors wouldn't even see my back garden, the brick wall or my studio or screen porch. So many huge branches broke off that big tree in the ravine. Wind savaged the tree and its falling limbs savaged the ligustrum below that created a green barricade against views from the street. One couldn't even tell I had a screen porch several years ago, unless you were in my dining room or walked up the driveway and happened to look. I really miss the privacy and I don't much like sitting on the screen porch with a view of the street either.
This week, Moises planted more ligustrum and elaeagnus bushes down in the ravine and he tied branches of the mature shrubbery back so the new plants have light to grow.
Earl likes flowering plants and so we went to Lowe's and found marigolds, geraniums, croutons and something else. He potted them all in empty clay pots that sit around my property just waiting. He's ventured to say that the old brick barbecue that lists toward the ravine be turned into 'something.'
I agree and we'll see what we come up with. He's started the ornamentation. But we need masses of plants and 'stuff'. Candles too. Not sure what all the stuff will be exactly.
Moises power washed the stone terraces in back and front, all the flagstones, sidewalks and driveway. I bought 21 bags of Texas pine mulch that he spread throughout the front flower beds. He also spread two bales of pine needles that Sally says will be good in the front garden in the space between the beds and monkey grass. She says pine needles are acidic and that's good for our alkaline soil. Plus they stay in place for a long time and prevent weeks from popping up. All good. Camellia and spirea both in bloom.
Earl has gone to hear opera this afternoon. We agreed I'd stay at home, so not to be subjected to women who die or are forsaken because they've loved or had sex. I cannot stand opera story lines even though common wisdom suggests that I simply listen to the voices. My hope for today was that I would not blog, but would begin to clear the back bedroom. We can hardly walk into it, as it's filled with boxes that Elizabeth and I took out of the closets a year ago. She gave me a 'to do' list at the time, but I've not done it yet. And now the list is lost.
I did go through a few memorabilia boxes two weeks ago and found wonderful things. Messages from the girls when they were little, valentines, drawings, letters from a long time friend when she lived in London, more letters from another friend whose husband spent sabbaticals in Paris. Of course, I saved these things. The good news is that I did throw out several trash bags of memorabilia that no longer seemed precious.
So, as I wrote, the hope is that after I publish this post, I'll get in that back bedroom and move things around a bit. Off to that messy, crowded space to see if I'm able to discern what needs to be kept in the closets and what can be cast off.

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Kate said...

Time for a good 'spring cleaning' inside and out.

And then there's the Arapahoe house....groan.