Obama, Obama, Where Are You?

How long will you wait, Mr. President, to take issue with Republicans in Congress on job creation. We know this deficit stuff is serious, but if we are reading Paul Krugman and Bob Herbert, we also know that to trim government now will lead to even fewer jobs. Take a look at Ireland. I believe that Republicans want fewer jobs right now. They are gambling that if enough folks lose their jobs, you, President Obama, will be declared ineffective. A one-term president. The Speaker of the House has already declared that his major agenda for the next two years is to make you a one-term president.
Prove them wrong. Get out there and make jobs. Put out the funds to create them. None of these ideas are even on the table right now. Please speak again about the jobs created by rebuilding this country's infrastructure and working on new green technology.
Right now, I feel we are in some kind of awful limbo land and when we do play, we play right into the Republican hands. Can't we see that they don't really want to work for the good of the country and its middle class citizens who are hurting and slipping away from the middle class. Forget the poor. They are out of sight. But this is not on anyone's minds.
No, it's about consolidating power and holding the reins tightly. So, who speaks for millions of Americans these days? Nobody. Really.