Lots Going On In This Life of Mine

Sounds as if my every waking moment is taken up with the politics of newly elected officials and crazed misguided governors like Walker and Perry. Yes, indeed, a lot of my time IS taken up with reading and listening to the latest assaults on women and children's rights. What are they thinking? Well, it's pretty clear they are thinking the time has come to take all the power back from the rest of us. Funded by a conservative think tanks and a few very rich white men like the Koch brothers, ultra conservatives are making headway. Thank heaven, we finally got riled up in Wisconsin and may begin to do something about this increasing disparity between the very, very rich and the rest of us. And I do know that are women friends are increasingly riled up about proposals and bills being introduced in legislative bodies that will set women and dependent children back decades. But I am becoming repetitive. Enough of that for today.
What else is happening in my life? Lots. Oversight of this public art project at 1002 Washington Avenue which is becoming a full time job.
Deadlines on my own artful interventions for this building are now on a printed on a calendar from S.O. Creative. Thank you, Sherri and Kelly.
I stand in front of reception desks in medical buildings almost every week saying, "Mary Margaret Hansen, birth date 6-22-42." I don't want to tally the number of doctor's appointments I've had since January 1, 2011 for ailments that my doctor sister Kate has always called 'conditions.' Kate tells me, "Mary Margaret, you don't have diseases. You have conditions." I'd say so.
Allergies for which I am taking weekly shots and often my eyes and nose run anyway. Sleep apnea for which I go in periodically to have them check the memory stick in the CPAP machine to see how many times I stop breathing in the night. With the machine blowing air up my nostrils, I do OK with breath stopping interruptions under five times an hour.
Can't get rid of inflamation around my eyes, a symptom that a naturopath called shiners. My lips are also inflamed unless I douse them with cortisone cream and Vaseline. I think it's all about food sensitivities, but I am off to the dermatologist for the second time tomorrow morning. Tests of allergies and food sensitivities highlight corn, rice and dairy as foodstuffs to avoid as well as oysters and eggs.
A month ago, I was diagnosed with atrial fibulation. I am not happy with that. I've lived with tachycardia since I was 16 and never found it to be a real problem. There are ways to stop tachycardia. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop atrial fib - that irregular heart beat that can last for moments or hours or who knows, days. I go to the cardiologist almost every week while she and I test different dosages of the medications that control it.
I discovered this morning that I can no longer take a long walk on Houston's relatively flat land after consuming even half a cup of morning coffee. The caffeine pumps my heart up at the same time that the medicine lays a lid on the beat. I can actually feel this sense of 'working at cross purposes' in my chest. The walk knocked me out this a.m. More information to give the cardiologist.
I intended to straighten the dining room table today. It is covered with files and notations for all the art projects at 1002 Washington. It was the first thing on my list today after a walk. The table is still a mess at 7:30 p.m. and I am blogging instead of straightening.
Then there is life with Earl. A continuing delight because we laugh ALOT together. We can be very quiet with one another too. Very consciously, he gives me space in my own house. It's not quite enough though. With just a bit of prodding on my part, he is looking for his own studio and we both hope he finds it before my work is finished at 1002 Washington Avenue sometime in late June. I really want my studio back, even though I've loved watching him paint these new paintings that combine actual bits and pieces of his old paintings. I simply love what he is doing.

In short, I like the time we spend together. And I also like the days when I live alone in my own house. So, may he forever teach four days a week at a college some distance from where I live. And may we continue to enjoy each other's company immensely.


earl said…
There are no conditions in this relationship.
She is my Hottie...so there!