Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Images From My World

Lately I've been posting links on this blog to articles I read on line about things that disturb me and illustrate my belief that big interests are purposefully ramping up an effort to deny middle Americans the promise of rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You don't hear our elected officials talking about job creation and moving us out of the biggest recession since the Great Depression. And here I include our president. Where IS he? He who was to bring hope to all Americans and whose election made us joyful?
No, dozens of legislative bodies are now focused on the deficit and shortfalls and are cutting programs that won't truly ease the debt, but which will weaken or erase programs geared to helping the neediest among us. This focus on debt seems to be a false issue. They can slash services and forget about rebuilding infrastructure and then on eighteen months on the campaign trail, blame the administration for a growing unemployment rate. Our newest elected officials do not want Obama to succeed and seem quite willing to let ordinary folks suffer while they play for power. Our speaker of the house declares his greatest goal is to make Obama a one term president. If that's the goal, certainly few will be working toward job creation. Who wants things to get better on this administration's watch?
I am always on edge, wondering if we'll reach a tipping point where there's no going back to the days when we focused, or felt we were focused, on the common good. Remember Bobby Kennedy's campaign speeches? I hear them from time to time on public television and weep. There's none of that these days.
No, every day, I am reminded of Naomi Klein's thesis in The Shock Doctrine where she writes that ideologues and corporate interests are always on the lookout for ways to capitalize on natural and man made disasters. Think Baghdad and Katrina and this great recession in which we find ourselves. When disaster strikes, such as this recession coupled with two wars we continue to fight, we are weakened and in disarray. Makes it a perfect time to move in and put an ideological agenda in place.
I consider this rabid talk of balancing budgets and breaking unions as ways to set a new agenda. Who cares about jobs? We, the people, are long forgotten in the larger quest to change the very way this country operates.
Hurray for those folks still marching in Wisconsin. They are heroes. They are marching for far more than collective bargaining rights. They are marching for our future.
I didn't start this post to harangue. But I am profoundly disturbed with what I read and see everyday. Enough.
What I really wanted this post to be about is what I see in my everyday, when I am not reading the newspapers and when I am not working on this ever expanding art consulting project with fast approaching deadlines. My everyday in slivers of time and light is beautiful. I am blessed indeed to live in such surroundings. I find contentment in visual details. No surprise. Take deep breaths and look.

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