Saturday, January 08, 2011

Terlingua: Dust is Swirling, Wind is Blowing

It's late in Terlingua on this Saturday night, though I know there's still live music at the Starlight. Earl and I had dinner there with Josef and we saw Terry Anderson again whom we met last night in Mimi's kitchen over spaghetti and champagne. And then, lo and behold, at the Starlight, Earl met one of his students from Rice U. from way back in the 1960s. He'd been on the look out for Paul and there he was at the Starlight.
I've not seen Earl so excited to meet up with someone in a long time, maybe ever. May have been a decade or two since he and Paul had a visit.
This has been a busy day, but no big endeavors. Breakfast down the hill again. Had that good strong coffee and a couple of burritos and then we went to Terlingua's Farmer's Market and bought some Indian seasoning and a couple of plastic Mexican baskets. Got there too late for homemade bread.
Mid-day, we drove out to see Terry's house which is very nice. A complete interior world with soft music and beautiful views from every window. Drove him over to Study Butte to pick up a car and then we went on to a rock shop to buy several rock planters to take back to Houston. I am loving them. Folks here fill them with succulents.
Back to our room to take naps. Earl slept, but a fly kept breaking my sleep pattern, so I never did more than doze off. The day itself was magnificent. There is always that changing sky and light and it looked like dark rain clouds over Big Bend for a while.
Here's a view of Terlingua in the late afternoon from Mimi's house. Light changes from moment to moment. And it was brilliant today as you can see from the shadows falling over the adobe and stone walls from the roofs.
I am surprised by what I am partaking of in this tiny town. One of the musicians we heard this evening wrote the intro tune for Weeds and he's good on the harmonica too. Sandy, a yoga and flame dancer, performed and then Earl spotted Paul, his old student from Rice U days. And by the way, the Starlight food was good too.
Tomorrow, we must make sense of this room we've been living in for these several days and get everything into the car for the trip back to Houston. It's been a great ride. Terlingua is the MOST UNLIKELY place. It's jam packed with musicians, artists, actors, dancers, organic desert gardeners, craftsmen and folks who just want to get out to the great open skies and stay awhile.
When we left the Starlight about 9:00 this dark night, the wind was howling and the dust was billowing across the parking lot. Cars were covered with dust. Wind is still at it outside. We are quiet inside. Earl is very quiet. He is asleep. Tomorrow coming soon.

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Sharon said...

I have enjoyed these posts about your travels West. This one in particular puts me in a mind of the desert setting in Kingsolver's "Pigs in Heaven."