Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to the First Lady's Fashion Moments

How am I missing what Michelle Obama is wearing? I just perused her wardrobe for the state visit of China's President Hu Jintao. Gorgeous. Picture the deep red gloves that she wore for Hu's arrival. Red is such a Chinese color signaling good fortune. Again she chose red for the state dinner, wearing a red Alexander McQueen gown. She has good instincts and her own personal flair.
I used to ponder over dozens of photos of Michelle and her fashion choices. Posted many of them on this blog. But for months, I haven't seen many images of her and just thought the times were too difficult for anyone to be focused on what she was wearing. Wrong.
Clips of Michelle Obama's wardrobe have been there all along. I just wasn't clicking on the right links. So here is one link with a story about the first lady's venture into vintage. She chose a Norman Norell gown for the White House's broadcast of Christmas in Washington. Good for her. The Norell is from New York Vintage.
Michelle Obama is doing it right. Too bad, the times are so tough and vitriolic that we can't all enjoy her as we did Jackie Kennedy. Michelle Obama represents all of us at every public event she attends or hosts. She does us proud.

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