Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Week That Is

It's Thursday. And the good news is that I did some work today. By that I mean, work on the 1002 Washington Avenue project for which I am writing and designing text 'interventions'. That would be an assortment of clever words and phrases designed in various typefaces and reflective of what goes on in the building itself. All morning long, I sat at the dining room table with sunshine streaming in through the window blinds. Laid tracing paper on wall elevations, sketched and wrote snippets. Had a double shot Americano from Tulley's at my side. That helped.
Slowed down a bit after eating leftovers for lunch. Food and I often don't do well together. Energy sapping. But, at last, I have the beginnings of ideas for all the wall 'interventions' and I will revisit them again week's end. More ideas and some refining will come after I sleep on this first rendition.
Was off to see Jeanne at 3:30 to look at the chandelier she chose for their dining room and then on to see Dad and now, I am at Kate's. Such busy days in Seattle.
Earl left yesterday morning. So did John. I am here until Sunday, driving from one house to another to see grandchildren, daughters, Dad and Kate. And then, well after dark each day, I drive back to Arapahoe where the only sound is central heating.
Here's how the week has gone. Sunday was Bonnie Boxing Day and the entire Seattle family, plus Dan's parents, Mary B, John, Earl and I were at the McGrady's for eggnog laced with rum, hot cider, Christmas plum pudding and foamy yellow sauce, Houston tamales and baked ham. There was more on the table, but the memory of individual dishes escapes me. John and Dan and Mary B helped Dad up all those stairs into the house and he seemed to enjoy the occasion.
Here he is surrounded with his three kids. This would be the first 'family photo' without Mom. Now, that is notable. This was also the first year that Mom did not oversee the making of the foamy yellow sauce. Well, maybe last year was the first time she did not actually hold the electric beater over the double boiler. But she was present to eat pudding covered with sauce. No longer. I'll write more about Mom later.
The four grandkids were transfixed with Wii games and were breathless half the afternoon from jumping up and down and beating their hands on the floor. Lots of physical activity with Wii. I'm all for that. Kate and Denny got Wii for Christmas too and we all 'bowled' on Christmas night. Here is Lulu Bell in tutu and tights.
On Monday morning, Earl and I went down to Pioneer Square and then over to the old train station and the Asian district. Gray and damp, but we had a good time. Here's what we saw.
We went into an Asian bookstore or perhaps it was a Japanese bookstore. So many magazines with a preponderance of pink on their covers. Books about dolls that were more than weird. Design books, fashion books with patterns. I succumbed to a pattern book and a book published by the Victoria and Albert Museum on English and Indian fashion blending from the early days of cotton and chintz imports to today's trendy multicultural street dressing. Then into an Asian supermarket.
Back on the street, we passed several aerosol painted murals and dragons on light poles.
We could have eaten at any of dozens of Chinese restaurants, but we headed back toward Magnolia to Chinook's for chowder and smoked salmon pot pie, plus a look at the fishing boats.
After lunch, we drove to Northgate for a visit with Dad.
That was Monday. I cannot even remember Monday evening.
On Tuesday, Earl woke with a bad head cold and stayed in bed all day. That did not stop the day's planned and unplanned activities. I was up and out by 10:00 to take Lulu Bell to the Space Needle. We'd planned this special outing and it went as scheduled. Lulu again wore her shocking pink tutu and tights with a black velvet top. She is a wonderful sight in that outfit.
Lulu and I were out on the town until mid-afternoon and then I headed to Dad's. John was still there when I arrived. Dad announced he had a sudden pain in his chest and he felt scared about it. There was a quick call to Janet and then 911. The emergency crew was terrific. No one was sure whether Dad was having, or about to have, a heart attack. It seemed prudent to head for Virginia Mason's emergency room. John and I drove down there in separate cars. John, of course, arrived before the ambulance. I, of course, got lost in the dark (it is dark at 5:00 p.m. in Seattle these days), got out my iPhone and typed in street addresses in order to find my way to the hospital parking lot. If Dad had been in real trouble, I wouldn't have made it.
Blood work and a chest X-ray showed no heart attack or heart damage, but they kept Dad over night just to be sure all was OK. I headed home mid-evening through downtown with all its holiday lights, with the Space Needle the highest and brightest of all.
What a day. Lunch in the sky with Lulu Bell and then the scare of an emergency hospital trip for Dad. All day long, Earl stayed in bed taking aspirin, sick enough so he didn't even feel up to dipping into one of the new books we got for Christmas. He rallied to fly back to Houston on Wednesday morning.
There is more to this week. Jeanne and Dan were watching TV in their den on Tuesday night when a rat appeared at the doorway between their den and the hallway. Freaked them all out. Pest control was called and a trap set. The rat is gone, but now they must have their house 'sealed'. And then, said the pest control man, there are those three mature fig trees over the deck. They are not good as they attract raccoons and other wild animals. Jeanne, spare those trees. Just see that your house is totally 'sealed.'
It is now quite late on Thursday night and I am sitting in Kate's living room, getting very sleepy and thinking it is time to head for Arapahoe and bed. Tomorrow I'll be at Caroline's at 9:00 and then I am off with Charlie Bean on his special holiday excursion to Fort Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. Caroline and I decided that her kids have 'everything' and need 'nothing' so a special time with Mameau is a gift indeed. I agree. I expect I'll plan special excursions in 2011 with both Kelan and Lauren.
I have to remember to pick up dry cleaning tomorrow afternoon. I am flying home with my sweater from Donnegal and will take it to Terlingua next week. And that is another story for another day.


Sharon said...

What a week is right! You find a way to make it all work, which takes intuition and insight, patience and problem solving, love and laughter. Everyone benefits. I am taking notes!

Kate said...

No wonder you are tired! Work and play and illness and (some) rest. The photos tell the story for sure.