Monday, December 06, 2010

Early to Rise: A Good Idea on Mondays

I am sure that at least two servings of baby spinach with pears and blackberry vinegar salad dressing are stewn across the floor of the front passenger seat. The salad utensils are grimy. There are no paper napkins in the side pockets of the car to wipe away anything.
I am grim, even though I am on my way to a really nice evening with the terrific women of The Transition Network Houston chapter. I am happy to be going to this supper and happy that it's cool enough to wear one of my freeform crochet neck pieces.
And then the salad bowl tumbles. And the traffic is slow. And I forgot to stop first at a friend's to pick up a bag full of assorted silver serving dishes that I may want and certainly don't need. Just like my friend doesn't need them anymore. But redos of Second Seating always fly through my head when folks want to give things away. I tend to intercede and take a look, just in case.
Our gathering at Susan Lieberman's was terrific, as always. The rooms of her home were filled with dozens of conversations and lots of "a-ha" moments. Oh, you feel that way too? I'm not the only one?Susan Cooley King arrived with fresh kale salad.
Leslie wore a knitted hat. Beautiful and I couldn't resist photographing her profile.
Talking in the kitchen. It always happens.
And don't you love Sally Dwyer's new vintage Czech earrings ? Exotic.
So, as you can see, the evening recovered itself after that salad spill in the front set of the car.
But, today, Monday itself, has been a rocky day. I do not like waking up in the morning twenty minutes after my first meeting of the day should have been well underway. This is not good. How easy is it to check my day timer on a Sunday afternoon and to begin to prepare myself mentally for work? Apparently, yesterday was not a good day to prepare for a work week. However, it was, in fact, a very good day for staying in bed reading the Sunday NYT until after 3:00 p.m. How many months or years has it been since I lay in bed reading the entire paper? A lot of years. The paper was a wonderful, disturbing, insightful, inspiring, dispiriting read.
Sunday was a lazy day and it was not until 5:00 that we busied ourselves getting to Dick Wray's birthday party which was low key and very pleasant. The man got an iPad from his son for a birthday present. Very nice indeed. And as usual, Dick was in bed. With good reason. He's just home from a stay in the hospital. On the mend and the piece he's working on for 1002 Washington is dynamite.
Came home at 8:00 and it seemed like bedtime. Bedtime without even a glance at Monday's calendar. To my chagrin this morning.
It took the rest of Monday for me to climb out of a self-made mountain of guilt and recrimination. How could I have done such a thing? The 9:00 a.m. meeting had been scheduled twice already. I am way behind. What else have I forgotten? OMG, when will I begin to 'really' write all the text for my part of the artful interventions? All of this mind wrenching stuff took time to sort through.
But I made it to the 2:30 meeting at the site, 1002 Washington Avenue, to talk with Bill Neuhaus, Serena Lin Bush and the folks who are assisting her with the technology of her piece, which comprises three roof top cameras facing various degrees of North which will record the sky and changes in the sky. All of this blue and grey and puffy clouds or no clouds will be wired down to the bottom of the interior stairwell where monitors will mirror the sky in the basement of the building. Two-way sky lights. Pretty wonderful idea, Serena.
Managed to make a few phone calls today and rescheduled this morning's missed meeting. Also managed to write a bit of text. At least I restarted the writing. Am beginning to think about tiny vignettes, conversations for this wall text repartee. We'll see where it goes. Also managed to begin on the HAA application for a 2011 artist grant. It's due Friday. Ouch.
So, tomorrow I'll pick up that silver, get to my weekly hour of Pilates and then plow into text and other parts of this multifaceted project (and some of the HAA application). I think I'll be in an uproar until after Mayor Parker cuts the ribbon at 1002 Washington next June and all the work is done. And admired. And when the artists have all been paid. When it's all over, except for showing it off.
Not that I'm not enjoying the process of it all. Except on Monday mornings when I fail to rise from bed in time for a morning meeting.

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