Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday in Portland

Sunny again today in Portland. All the snow fell in Seattle. We are cold and clear here, so far. Mary and I walked over to Blend for coffee again this morning. Then we did some more food shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and then we were on to a Thai lunch and a look at a few of shops on Alberta St.
I am really noticing the intensity of the colors of homes and commercial buildings on this trip. Maybe buildings were always this bright, this colorful? It seems as if more and more buildings are being painted in very bright chartreuse, celedon, mustard, orange, terra cotta, eggplant, violet, lavender, Frieda blue. We stop the car often for a photo but with the very bright sun today, it was hard to catch the vividness of these colors. For me, the colors are defining this city on this particular visit. The feel is so different from Houston or San Antonio or even Seattle. I wonder if Divine paint colors are influencing the use of these paint color choices or if there are other trends at work here. Who can tell me? This is probably a question for Twitter.
Tonight, we're having another friend of Mary and Queta's over for supper. Queta put another chopped bunch of kale in the soup we had two evenings ago and more beans and tomatoes. Cornbread just out of the oven. I've chopped parsley, celery and onions and sauteed them in a stick of butter for Thanksgiving stuffing. Now mixed with non-gluten bread cubes. The food is really good in this house.


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The food looks and sounds delicious. Those paint colors really do stand out, in a good way. Best of luck with your new health regimen ~ it seems like you've found ways to continue to enjoy the foods you like.