Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday In Portland

It is cold, damp and very rainy in Portland. Supposed to snow tonight. And if there is too much snow and it sticks and then turns to ice, we may not be driving over the mountain pass to the coast on Thanksgiving Day where two yurts are waiting for us in a state park right on the ocean. So, we'll listen to weather reports, experience the snow right here in the neighborhood and wait and see about traveling.
We've begun to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner that we've scheduled for Wednesday evening. I just finished making raw cranberry sauce, a combination of Oregon cranberries, two oranges, sugar and chopped walnuts. I've eaten this relish since childhood when Mom made it for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The ingredients will marinate for a day or two in the refrigerator and will be really good with the smoked turkey that Queta ordered from Amana. We are still deciding about stuffing/dressing. Will the bread crumbs that go into the stuffing be gluten free or not? Either way, I'll chop the celery, parsley and onions and saute all with herbs in a stick of butter and mix with whatever breadcrumbs we've chosen.
This morning, I went to Mary's naturopathic doctor, so now I have a plan for working my way to better every day health. Always interesting to me how the 'regular doctors' that I see periodically at the Medical Center in Houston can never address my health questions since the questions, I think, basically all involve food intolerances, general sensitivities, reactions to stress and on-going 'conditions' instead of 'real' diseases. And I always think they end up treating symptoms instead of causes. I'll begin a new regimen and as it unfolds, I'll keep you in the loop.
After the appointment, Mary and I went to lunch at J & M where Mary had a big breakfast plate and I chose grilled eggplant, fava beans and pickled onions over toasted baguette slices.
Then we headed downtown where Mary works as Assistant Archivist for Portland's Archives & Records Center. They've recently moved to terrific new quarters. You can follow their doings and findings on Twitter @PDXarchives. I met Mary's co-workers and toured the 'stacks.' The center contains well over 30,000 boxes of records and more than 10,000 maps and plans and as their brochure says 'a vast collection of photographs.' What a trove. And Mary and other staff make all this accessible to the public.
The day was not over after touring the archives. We saw this couple through the windshield on our way to Luke's Frame Shop.
After choosing frames for several prints, Mary and I headed for the New Cascadia, The Gluten Free Artisans' bakery where we sat and ate really wonderful, moist, dense cupcakes with our coffee. I could see through the bakery windows that, for a few brief moments, the sky turned blue and the sun came out. Then the sky darkened all around and as we left the bakery, it was once again rainy, cold and wet. Right where we started in the morning.

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Kate said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. The weather is unusually cold; I don't remember a snow before Thanksgiving since we moved here 19 years ago. Hope you can still make it to the yurts on the coast but only the weather knows for sure.

Love to all!