Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mom is Gone

And what in heaven's name am I doing about it? What am I thinking, feeling about this turn of events? My sister is still writing more than I about 'Mom is gone.' Here's what she has to say in her latest blog post "The One Left Behind."
I read it and wept. How can my life be so busy here in Houston that I can so easily put this life changing event aside? And tomorrow is the beginning of another new week, jammed full as is the week following with deadlines for which I am no where near ready, meeting for which I have not prepared, the house filled with piles that need to be sorted post haste and Thanksgiving nearly upon us.
Still get that general unidentified anxiety even though, even though....

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Kate said...

I think your life is overflowing and Mom's death is something than consciously or unconsciously can be put aside for a time when you least expect it to reappear. I think we all need to go through some sort of grieving process although it will be different for each one.

Thinking back to 4 weeks ago today; doing the puzzle, sitting vigil at her side, listening to Dad sing..."When all's said and done, there's only one, it's YOU...", drinking coffee brewed by the attentive, loving staff, checking her pulse, hearing her voice mouth words for the last many memories.

It was the day before she died, in the morning, that she was more awake, her eyes focused in the distance, but her voice confirming that we were with her. "Kitty and Mary Margaret".

I miss her so much.