Saturday, November 27, 2010

How It Was Out There On the Coast

Well, I've skipped right over Thanksgiving dinner, which we had on Wednesday evening and invited Jeri over to share. Mid-Friday morning, Queta, Mary and Earl and I headed out to the Oregon coast in two cars. Crossed over a very snowy mountain pass and then on toward Cape Lookout State Park where two yurts and a wide open beach awaited. The wind was high, tide was high and the sky and the water were all shades of grey. No sand to walk along as the waves rolled right up to the edge of the rocks. Earl and I sat out there on the big tree trunk for awhile though, because the whole scene is beautiful no matter the weather or colors or time of day. Magnificent.
Fun to stay in the yurts again. The heaters work well, the yurts are clean and simple and somehow very Scandinavian-like. With the proper warm clothes and gear (which Q and Mary provided), we were comfortable.
Queta cooked supper outside, a redo of smoked Thanksgiving turkey which was again terrific. It turns out that Earl and I were so full and it seemed so late that we went right to bed after dinner - and to sleep. We found out the next morning that we'd actually, unknowingly, turned out our lights at 6:30 p.m. Earl said he was awake for hours in the night and that may have been so - after he'd slept for 7 or 8 hours, he might indeed have been awake for a while after 2:00 a.m. I slept the whole time. Love it when I finally relax in a quiet place. Sleep and sleep.
Friday afternoon we drove over to Oceanside to that little restaurant where we went two years ago and enjoyed the very best marion berry crisp I've ever eaten.
This year it was cobbler - and still, it couldn't have been better. Earl, Q and I also had local grilled oysters and chowder. And then, of course, there was the view. And a guy who was trying to take off with an air balloon of sorts. He had a very short ride in front of our picture window at the restaurant. Earl has to download his photos and I'll add one in.

Again, the beach along Oceanside, which should have been easily walkable, had little sand on which to walk. Waves rushed right up to the rocks. Even the tunnel that we walked through on our last trips seemed a bit perilously located for entering and getting to the other side of that cliff/mountain.
That entrance looks awfully small and vulnerable, doesn't it? Back to the yurts where we, or Earl and I got very silly, and Mary B took a lot of photos of us together. We don't have any like this.
Mary asked Earl to look professorial, so here his take and mine on that 'look'.
This morning we awoke to a Queta breakfast. Divine.
And then for a magical hour and a half, the sun shone brilliantly and we walked the beach at low tide, surveying kelp and rocks and jelly fish and tree stumps and then simply marveling at the sky and the continuous movement of clouds and fog.
Never saw so much kelp. Exotic and weird and with the sun catching it sideways this morning, very beautiful. Like bundles of serpents, but not scary, somehow.
Yes, this coast could have a tsunami if there were to be an earthquake or some other great upheaval. Signs are disconcerting, but the route to go is clear. Late morning, we packed up the cars and headed back to Portland, with a stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Back over the pass which was less snowy, less icy today. We are back in Portland and tomorrow is another day and Earl's and my last day in this Pacific Northwest city where the palette is different and the skies are filled with change.

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Kate said...

Divine. So great that you could make the trip to the coast and have such a wonderful time!

Love the pics of you and Earl (the pearl).