Saturday, November 20, 2010

Greetings From Portland

It is nearly midnight Houston time and I am still wide awake in a cozy paneled basement. Mary and Queta have gone on to bed. We had a lovely day even though Mary is sick with a cold and after taking a walk mid day was done in and slept the afternoon away. Q and I went on errands that included a stop at The Meadow, Portland's salt shop, which, by the way, just opened another store in SoHo a month ago.
Bought finishing salts for holiday gifts. Wish I could take home a pink block of salt on which to serve food. Can also set it on a gas burner and cook on it. Imagine how salt would infuse itself into the food. Lots of salts infused with other flavors too. We found a salt infused with truffles. To die for. We each bought a jar and used some at dinner time sprinkled on grilled steaks. Cannot tell you how wonderful the taste was. I'd stack it right up there with chocolate as sensual sensation.
We also stopped in at Flutter for a very quick look. The shop bills itself as 'a delightful disarray of found objects and clutter.' Sounds like my kind of place, doesn't it? It's just one whimsical funky tableau after another. I love it. We will return when Mary is not sick and when Earl is here. There's lots more to look at. Odd jewelry too.
I took a second walk in the the golden light of very late afternoon. Yes, the sun shone part of the day in Portland. The sky was blue with puffy little clouds. Wonderful colors and shadows. Full moon tonight.
Ah, I've also begun reading a book on gluten free living. I think it is time I followed the lead of my three daughters who are doing so much better after eliminating gluten from their daily fare. Lots more home cooking in store. Looking forward to more energy and less bloat.
And, I worked on Blurb today. Finally got it to work for me, meaning that I can load the photos I want for a book without uploading several thousand random images from iPhoto. First time in a year that I've tried making a book. I stalled with the Second Seating book because those several thousand images kept uploading inadvertently. I gave up. At last, I found a way to upload and so I can make books again and redo the Second Seating book too. And I have another in mind with images of my home and garden.
The new book will be one tableau after another and so many Earl Staley paintings. I know that I'd be hard pressed to live without these paintings that now inundate my house. The man can paint. I love him and I love his work.

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