Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Day After Mid-Term Election Day

OK, OK, I haven't blogged in almost two weeks. Unprecedented. Also unprecedented is that I'd have a debilitating head cold for over two weeks and that the first bottle of antibiotics didn't work AT ALL. I returned to the doctor yesterday, got another blood test, still have an infection and am now beginning a five day course of pills. This cold has laid me low. Energy sapping, so no late night writing and no early morning writing. I can hardly keep up with my days and my job. Coffee and aspirin keep me in the running, but I feel behind.
And, in addition to this cold that keeps on giving, there were last evening's election results. And we, in Texas, still have Governor Perry instead of the pragmatic, 'hard working for Texans' Bill White. Still more craziness from the governor's office for another term.
I read this morning that there is not one African American in the U.S. Senate. Unbelievable. The House of Representatives is over run with Tea Party folks. It will be very interesting to see if they adhere to their belief in less government or if they fall prey to the special interests that put them in the House. Nancy Pelosi, thank you for your service. And for graciously doing your job amidst all that hate being thrown your way. Harry Reid made it back to the Senate.
I'm still reading. Voters in California rejected Prop. 19, the measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Guess even the folks in California still need bad drug villains when time might be better spent getting those highly caffeinated sugar 'sodas' off the shelves. Compared to pot, they are far scarier and life threatening. But that's another subject.
Here's an op-ed piece by Joshua Holland that brings some perspective to today. He says, "The GOP’s gains represent a predictable rebalancing between presidential elections, rather than an ideological shift in the electorate.
"The electorate is hopping mad, but they still dislike Republicans. A month before an election that has swept some rather extreme GOPers into Congress, an Associated Press-GfK Poll found that “60 percent disapprove of the job congressional Democrats are doing -- yet 68 percent frown on how Republicans are performing.”
A New York Times/CBS News poll last week found that while a majority of Americans voted GOP yesterday, the electorate “continues to have a more favorable opinion of the Democratic Party than of the Republican Party, with 46 percent favoring Democrats and 41 favoring Republicans."
This will be the third consecutive year in which the party out of power wins. That’s not a measure of the country’s ideological leanings, it’s a sign that people are hurting and are mad as hell about it (in case one needed such a sign)."

So, on with today. The list on my yellow legal tablet is pretty long and I need to get started. My sister Kate is writing more about our lives without Mom than I have even begun to think about. But I'll get to it when I stop coughing. Weird that that I've been laid so low with this cold and so filled with free floating anxiety about my consulting job that I've not really thought about Mom much at all. I've spent two weeks simply trying to get through each day, crossing off items on my 'to do' list. The month of October was not one of accomplishment, if one is measuring by this standard. Perhaps, I should simply say that October was filled with big change, deaths, sickness and the run up to a fierce, angry mid-term election. An unsettling time. I am still coughing.

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Sharon said...

I hope you feel better soon. It's miserable to be coughing when you have so much you want to do.

Tea party guy won governor in Maine. I will have to institute local-news blackout for the next four years - it's just too hard to watch the nonsense while people's lives are affected. Not that national politics will be any better....