Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Day In Portland

Awoke really early this morning with a big headache. Was it the red wine last evening? Or a combination of wine and mushrooms and that truffle infused salt? Who knows? However, a bright blue day so Queta suggested we take a walk while it lasted. Mary and I headed out for coffee at Blend. Love their celery green upholstered chairs and the coffee's not bad either.
Walked along leaf strewn sidewalks past vegetables gardens maintained in the right of way in front of houses painted in wonderful mustards, brick and chartreuse. I am always surprised by the Portland color palette that is so bold and so chartreuse. Also passed a food pod, a Portland phenomenon. Street food, speciality foods. Check the links to read more about Portland food carts.
Just before noon Mary and I went to brunch at Jeri's house, leaving Queta hard at work with neighbors on a leaf gathering project. They filled a flat trailer and all is now covered with a tarp.
Meanwhile, we had a visit with Jeri who has a wonderful house. Jeri's house is about color, beautifully used. Seems we had so much to talk about that Mary and I didn't leave until after 3:00. Here's our visit in pictures.
So, now it's a little bit after 7:00 p.m. Darkness fell around 5:00. It's a cozy evening with fresh kale and bean soup, gluten free toast and oh, a non-gluten free birthday cup cake from the little girl next door who just had her fifth birthday. It's been a good day. Thank you Mary, Queta and Jeri.

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