Thursday, November 11, 2010

And About Today: It's Better

Here's one of Geoff Winningham's photos on metal, an image that may end up as an artful intervention at 1002 Washington Avenue. Thank heaven, I've had a very productive morning working on this project.
Well, nothing like a good night's sleep and a cold pack pressed against a foot that feels damaged. I did not fall on it or trip, so I have no idea why my right foot hurts. However, I feel better this a.m. without that heavy sadness and general weirdness that's been sticking to me all week long.
Woke at 8:00 a.m. and totally missed my monthly breakfast with long time friends. Other than that, I've been quite 'moving right along' in a forward direction which always lessens anxiety. Feel on top of my game at this moment in time because all the windows in my mind are open and all are holding the information they need to holding. Mind you, it took me all week to get to this point.
See, this is what happens. I have it all in my mind on Thursday and then by Monday a.m. I've lost half of it and must gear up again. One really needs to work parts of seven days a week simply to hold on to information. That's what I did with Second Seating - worked every single day on it and information did not drop by the wayside very often.
Here's what the first floor of the building looked like last week. columns and concrete ceiling will remain. Floor will be raised to hold on the electrical and conduit stuff. Ideas for my part of this 'artist intervention' project are taking form and further, I am working on budget numbers to make it happen. I meet with Sherri this afternoon to see what graphic design fees might be. Saw HPI yesterday to ascertain whether to use metal or canvas for a big mural sized piece using lots of pages of old blue prints of Houston landmarks. We chose canvas and I think the piece will be a triptych.
Earl arrives this evening for a supper of tilapia and salad. Maybe some spelt pasta. I'll see his new paintings. The weekend will begin but I'll have intermittent meetings for this project of mine. The trick in all of this for me is to hold on to the information now in my head while moving into another place and time.

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