Friday, October 22, 2010

Texting Our Hearts Out

OK, OK, I am pissing away these morning hours looking at old emails, perusing Facebook and just found an old post I wrote for Deep South Moms last April called 'Texting Our Hearts Out'. It's still germane, so give it a read and I will attempt to get into real work. I am still sick with a head and now a chest cold, but today is better than yesterday, which was better than the day before. Should be well again by Monday.
For for those of you who don't click on links, here's the post:

April 14, 2010

Texting Our Hearts Out

"I don't get it," my friend said to me over dinner at a new restaurant that serves local produce that is either braised or pan seared and then placed on very large white plates and is mostly yummy. But I digress.
"I don't get it," were her words, quickly followed by, "How does texting and Twitter bring you closer to your children, to your friends, to anyone at all?" Genuine puzzlement.
Here I am, once again, with a long time friend with whom I shared child raising activities that included PTA meetings, car pools, science projects and school carnivals. Now our sons and daughters are mired, as we were, joyfully or not, in raising small children in hopes that their offspring will be quite wonderful adults.
And once again, we grandmoms are debating the merits of social media. And because I'm a blogger, my friends think I know 'things' and have magic answers.
Here is what I know. Our children have crossed over into a new world. A few of us are following. Most of us are not. The new world is foreign. Yes, most new worlds appear foreign in the beginning. We don't like the language in this new place, simply because it is new and who among us can type out tiny URLs, for heaven sakes? My god, it was just yesterday that we were fighting our VCR and telling folks we couldn't program with that over-complicated remote. By the way, that is still true.
What I can say here is that for our daughters and sons with busy lives raising kids, following career paths and immersed in perennial science projects, a text message or a tweet to the world is the way to connect, to tell it like it is today, the good, the bad and the worse. Kids got sore throats? Again? Did the cat throw up on the couch? For the seventh time? Is supper burning up the skillet, causing the smoke alarm to alert the fire department? Are the kids cranky and hungry without supper, but now having a few firemen rushing through their space?
As you can see, there are opportunities here for very quick communications with compadres, with those who know absolutely because they are living this stuff too. I'd say to long time friends far and wide what I said at the table eating delectable local braised produce, "We'd have texted our hearts out too if we'd had the technology."
I do get it. But it's still hard to be a grandmom and get that tiny keyboard under control. There are just so many acronyms too. What about just saying, "I love you all to death. Call when you can."?

Original Deep South Moms blog post by MM Hansen who also posts at Rockbridge Times and Second Seating Houston.

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