Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Nowness. What an interesting blog site I just found. Nowness has a new visual story every single day. I found the site only minutes ago. Perhaps as I perused Culture Map Houston? No, I think it was my daily infusion of Style Bubble. In the same half hour, I read that Obama's town hall meeting was a 'reality check.' The NYT writes that "Mr. Obama was confronted by people who sounded frustrated and anxious - even as some said they supported his agenda and proclaimed themselves honored to be in his presence."

Our times are terrible, and two years ago, voters were truly inspired by Obama. They believed he could change their world. Voters forgot that the Obama administration inherited eight years of greed, a huge deficit, two wars, joblessness and an almost-depression. The list is endless and anybody who thinks that a president can change our world in two years is in 'instant gratification' mode. A mode, by the way, in which most of us are happy to live.

There's been precious little help from the Republicans who, it appears, want Obama to fail in every way. It's a power thing. No reaching across the aisle for the good of the country, for the men and women who've lost jobs, homes, no sense of the American dream. I see little vision. It's all about parroting the "Government, get out of my life" message. No grand civic endeavors, except perhaps, those that happen locally. Precious few stories about people looking out for people. Folks are angry, scared and anxious and most Americans listen to FOX news which keeps up a restless drum beat that heightens fear. Fear sells. And fear is 'good' if there are those who wish to gain control of a populace.

I am remembering that 'they' didn't give Bill Clinton a honeymoon period after his inauguration. Guess Obama didn't get one either. And by god, 'they' are clever with the Tea Party name, tossing money to Sarah Palin and her ilk and making plans to gut the new health care plan by bringing suits against its provisions.

So what I am saying here is that within 30 minutes, I log on to Nowness which is filled with terrific arty images and fluff and creativity and then my eyes wander to the newspaper that rests beside my laptop. The NYT Business Day headlines read "Frustration and Fear Greet Obama in Town Hall Chat" and "Recession May be Over, but Joblessness Remains". And on the front page today are these headlines, "Short of Repeal, G.O.P. Will Chip At Health Care" and "As Rules Shift, Donor Names Remain Secret" and "Extreme Heat Bleaches Coral, and Scientists See Global Threat." And then the headline " Where Boys are Prized, Girls Live the Part." The story that follows this headline details the custom of dressing a daughter as a young son if the family should be so unlucky as to have all daughters. How's that as a women's issue? But that's another post.

Just for a moment, ponder how these headlines mess with our peace of mind? Yeah, we are right to be fearful, but let's be fearful of the real problems that confront and confound us. Which for a start, means that we must remember to vote in November, lest we wake up and find the Tea Party in charge. Anger and ignorance does not a recovery plan make.

Try logging on to Nowness for a little refreshment. OK, escapism. There are some witty, beautiful things happening in this world of ours. Like the Flower Parade in Columbia where just a short time ago a drug cartel ruled the country.Or take a look at "Natalie Chanin: Southern Belle" as Wyatt Troll enters the organic couture world of the Alabama Chanin visionary.
We live in such a schizophrenic world. Beautiful new babies are born each day with perfect skin and no hurts. Flowers bloom, people are filled with creative ideas just waiting to be made manifest. All of this is reality. Yet so is the fear and anger and outright rage. How do we balance these realities? How do we tip the balance toward our own good and the good of those we love and those with whom we share this earth?

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Sharon said...

I had an acupuncture treatment on Friday. Beforehand we always talk about how I've been feeling and what I have been doing. I told her that life feels unsettled. She said,"I think that's the nowness." I remembered this post of yours. I feel the same frustration you do with politics and the reticence of our leadership to take the necessary actions. In the past week two friends have been diagnosed with cancer. Today I attended a fair that celebrates organic farming and the goodness of simple living. Life is unsettled. All I have is now.