Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lovely Day

Just found this image on Baby Ghost, a Chinese fashion blog, a link to which appeared on Style Bubble, another fashion blog, the post of which actually arrive in my email almost every day. Like this photo which appears to be a scribbled sketch on a restaurant window. Reminds me that I can use the plexi that covers by collages for more than keeping the dust off. Drawing on plexi could increase the effect of peering into an Easter egg tableau.
I did eat a big breakfast this morning, had more than one cup of coffee, yet am back in bed with orange cat Farrell because it feels like a very lazy day and I would just like to read and write. And just maybe I'll get to writing about the 'news' that I alluded to several posts ago. Seems a good day to do this. It'll be 96 degrees outside very soon, so no comfortable walk. Bed it is.

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Sharon said...

It's 70 degrees here and sunny today, so I threw open the windows and am giving the house a thorough vacuuming. Somedays it's nice to do whatever makes us feel good. I am looking forward to hearing your news.