Thursday, September 09, 2010

Home in Houston

Left Seattle early yesterday morning in dark, grey, rainy, 52 degree weather. They've had little if any summer at all this year. Now back in Houston after a long and trying day of travel on US Airways. Their route to Houston is through Phoenix and involved a change of planes with gates on different concourses. They don't serve any 'free' food, even peanuts, and for the first leg of the journey, I was overcome with the smell of the man next to me who curled his hair with his fingers and emitted a stale and unbathed stench. I leaned into the window and was rewarded with a great view of Mount Rainer peaking through the cloud cover and later, an offshoot of the Grand Canyon as we neared Phoenix.
I usually fly Continental with comparative ease, even though they stripped away my Silver Elite status last February. But I looked on line to buy a ticket too late to get a decent fare. So I slogged both ways through Phoenix, which adds several hours to the trip time.
Fell in bed last night before 8:00 last night and first looked at the clock this morning at nearly 10:00 a.m. It is now shortly after noon and I have unpacked and have my calendar out and emails are beginning to shoot back and forth with appointment times, meetings. I am working from my bed though, easing into life in Houston slowly. Sure do need a pedicure and a haircut too. More appointments.
The cats are fine, the garden overgrown. Interesting days are in the offing. Lots to write about - after I get squared away with the work that is paying me a fee. That would be catching up with the contracts for all the selected artists for the new Houston Permitting Center and planning the artists' tour of the site and a get-together for the first week of October.
Nothing like a long night's sleep to get one out of a pissy, overtired , too-much-travel mode. Nothing like working in bed.
By the way, here's Swamplot, an interesting link into what's happening in Houston, mainly interesting snippets of real estate information, bits of neighborhood information, housing market stuff, what Houston thinks of itself. Logged on to the site this morning just to get myself back into a Houston grove.
And then there's this from The Rag blog. Voter fraud in Houston, building that houses Harris County voting machines burns, Tea Party group working overtime in this city.

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Kate said...

Glad you got home; between the bad weather and the extra stop added to the intensity of nearly 3 weeks in Seattle, no wonder you slept and slept and slept.

Missing you already.