Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Reads My Blog?

It is always interesting to look through my blog stats and see not only who's been reading Rockbridge Times, but what they read or download, which links they follow and where in the world they actually live. Do they log on every day, lots of time each day or every week or so?

Today, I found a reader who clicked on to Rockbridge Times from a link on 'A Baby Boomer's Life After Fifty.' This baby boomer blogger was one of the terrific women I met in New York at the BlogHer conference. Fun to read her blog and also fun to see that she linked to mine and that someone new found it. That's the real joy of linking. Offers lots of opportunities for reading and jumping from blog to blog, website to website. It's a good way to get to know like minded people.

But back to blog stats. The blogger behind 'One Woman's Life in Maine' reads my blog regularly and offers good comments. Adds another dimension if you click on comments every so often to read what others are saying. I believe the lady in Maine found me through my sister's blog 'Ahead of the Wave.' By the way, I don't visit that lady in Maine's blog often enough. She's written a lovely post on 'Eat, Pray, Love'. Have you all seen the movie yet? Read the book? I haven't done either yet, but both are on my list. I digress.

I have quite a few readers right here in Houston who aren't bloggers at all, plenty of family readers in the Pacific Northwest, several in and around New York and one devoted reader in Santa Fe. The rest are spread out across the country. As I said, stats are interesting and it's good to know this stuff. Who's reading my blog and how often do they read it?

The post that brings the most readers to Rockbridge Times via search engines is the one I wrote about Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's personal assistant during her campaign for the presidency. You never know where the hits will come from. I just keep on posting for the sheer pleasure of writing.


Kate said...

I took your advice an installed the 'stat counter' on my blog; way more information than I got from 'site-meter'.

It really is interesting to see the number of times a day someone logs on to the blog; sometimes I think Denny is stalking me!!! LOL.

Kate said...

I's very cool to figure out where all the readers come from. Some come back many times a day...sometimes I think Denny is stalking me since he reads but never comments and logs on multiple times a day!!! LOL.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the mention. I love that I can travel around to my favorite blogs when I'm feeling isolated or like I need a jolt of creativity.