Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Comes After BlogHer 10?

The women at BlogHer just sent us all an email asking, "What now?" And that's good question. We've just left a conference that inspired, taught and introduced us to new ways of making a difference. How do we take that information and push ourselves into passionately doing just that?
So what now? I'm working on it. I didn't go to that conference for nothing. After each of the three I've attended, I come home and work a little differently and I certainly think a little differently.
One of the first things I know is that life is so filled, so busy, that it takes discipline and priority setting to achieve things like getting the bed made in the morning. Then for me, there's the consulting job, the memoir writing task, the willingness to stay connected with good friends and to take the time to enjoy a new relationship and more time to visit grandchildren and very old parents and then the luxury of dashing off frequent posts on this blog.
Then there's sleep and Pilates and occasional acupuncture visits, bill paying and the garden and the sprinkling system that seems to need adjusting right now because everything green is parched.
So now what?
Well, at breakfast group this morning, we decided to do our part to get Bill White elected governor of Texas. He would bring sanity to Texas and our state educational system and we'd no longer have a governor who speaks of secession from the Union. I will begin my 'What now?' with Bill White.
And then I will monitor our president's progress with job creation and a new immigration policy. Hot topics, but if he and we succeed in both or either of these areas, our country will be the better for it.
OK, back to my immediate now. I've just taken two calls about the art for the new Houston Permitting Center. That's my current job and I've got to get back in the swing. Now.

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