Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Sibling Visit

Yesterday I spent about four afternoon hours at Mom and Dad's. Kate arrived in the middle of the visit and one of the first things she did was get Dad's hearing aids so he could participate in our conversation. He doesn't wear them on the weekends as he doesn't think the weekend caregivers put them in his ears as well as the caregiver who's there Monday through Friday. Kate was on it.
I'd have never thought of it. She'd ask Dad if he could hear and Mom, who's eyes were closed, would answer 'yes.' We got the giggles. Finally Mom did indeed dose off and Kate left for home. Dad and I walked around the garden and he got to smell the roses.

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Kate said...


I can do hearing aids and you can do outings (getting outside to smell the roses counts as an "outing"!).