Sunday, August 01, 2010

Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

Elita's taken me on two walks with the dogs and both have been on stretches of a public trail that runs over an old aqueduct line. Looking straight ahead at this trail without peripheral vision, one might imagine being in real countryside. But the old Croton Aqueduct Trail runs right through Yonkers between a high bluff and the Hudson River.
The aqueduct opened in 1842 and apparently was in use until the 1950s. On one side of the trail are old mansions, most in decrepit condition and on the side nearer the river are rows of brick apartment houses.The trail is beautiful and feels a bit incongruous, given its surroundings. See what you think. By the way, the first day we walked some of the trail, the day was brilliantly sunny so the light through the trees was dappled. Today was hazy. Both days lovely, but the light so very different.

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