Friday, August 27, 2010

More Family Visits and One Martini

It's been two days since I've posted. Need a decent Internet connection and it's uncertain at best here in Mom and Dad's house. My connection, borrowed as it is, is not strong enough to add photos to this post. Need a wifi connection in a coffee shop or I need to be at my sister's or daughters' houses. I'll be lucky if I can publish this. This is all digression.
Early last evening after I'd visited Mom and Dad and then Caroline, Charlie and Lulu and then Jeanne, Dan, Kelan and Lauren, I made my way across the Ballard Bridge straight to Chinook's. I took a seat in the bar over looking a multitude of fishing boats and pleasure crafts, ordered a gin martini with two olives and a pot of steamed mussels and sat there for almost an hour, perfectly happy.
Returned home near dark and fell into bed to read a little more of Francoise Gilot's 'Life With Picasso.' Then slept through a night that I remember as filled with very nice dreams. This morning, I worked an hour or two on the first draft of the vignettes I am stringing together for the memoir group of which I'm a member. I have a week to complete this draft and give it some order. What I really need to do is print everything out, lay the pages on the floor and literally cut and paste it into some sort of ordered narrative. It's been fun to write and I've gotten some good and funny feedback from the group already.
Went on to spend the afternoon with Mom and Dad. A hairdresser came to the adult family home about 3:00 and finally we got Mom's hair cut the way she wore it several years ago. I brought photos of her and as the hairdresser said after he gave her a new cut, "She's now in the 21st century." I couldn't agree more. Kate and I have been saying she looked a bit like a British barrister of late. He cut her hair short on the sides and around the back of her neck and it took ten years off her age. Nothing like a good haircut.
I left Mom and Dad watching an 'I Love Raymond' rerun and decided to dash into DSW for a look at boots. Thinking of fall already and what kinds of boots will go with those silk pants that I wear five days out of seven. Of course, I found some. Found some sexy heels too.
Kate came over for supper. Consisted of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers with fresh basil, artisan bread and sweet butter with cranberries and orange peel, all from the farmer's market plus a can of Progresso lentil soup to which I added green salsa.
Then we tackled another set of dresser drawers and I have bags more to donate to Value Village. All clothes that will never be worn by Mom or anyone in this family ever again. I think we'll take a look at the buffet before Labor Day weekend and see if there are things that grandchildren might want. We can set stuff out on the dining room table and see what interests them. My sister wrote a terrific blog post on our first foray into the closets in this house. We're saving the good stuff. That would be tucked away birthday cards from Dad to Mom, special jewelry buried among stockings and tons of bras with worn elastic.
Perhaps after this purging, I can do a better job with my own drawers, my own closet and every closet in my house. If I died tomorrow, my daughters would have an unbelievably hard job going through their mother's 'things.' God help them, whenever. This is a reminder for me to go through my stuff, drawer by drawer by drawer. And those boxes in the closets? They should definitely be pared down too.
Tomorrow morning I'm out early to see Lulu's ballet recital. After that, who knows?

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Sharon said...

I have made a promise not to let things pile up like my mother did. I've been twice to help her clean out just the stuff that is no longer wanted in a house she no longer lives in. The first thing I do when I return home is find bags of stuff to give away so my children never have to deal with it.