Saturday, August 21, 2010

Late Summer in Seattle

I flew to the Pacific Northwest yesterday and I have to say it's perfectly beautiful here. Crisp air, blue skies, pockets of real quiet with no traffic sounds, no leaf blowers, chain saws, ambulances, trains. Realize how very noisy Houston is. All the time. And of course, it's hot as Hades there now.
I'm in Seattle to see family. Four generations of near and dear family. Very old parents who've both celebrated their 93d birthdays this year, two daughters and husbands, four grandchildren, my sister and her family. That's a lot of visiting.
But I've got over two weeks. In the cab ride from the airport yesterday, I began to relax into it all. Family is family and I am very glad to be here. It was cold in bed last night and I was wishing for a blanket but was too asleep and dreaming to get up and get one. That won't happen tonight. Intend to pile on the blankets.
This morning I went for a walk in Discovery Park and once again, I feel it a luxury to have this park to walk in every day. Took a container so I could pick blackberries. There are plenty, but they are not altogether ready yet. Just ripening.
The blackberries need a week or two more of warm sun to be at their peak. It took me over forty minutes to fill a smallish container to take to Dad and Mom. After my walk in the park, I wandered through Magnolia's Farmer's Market and bought organic beets, tomatoes, purslane, rhubarb and two jars of honey, one of which is loaded with habenero chilies. I left the cheese kurd and kale behind for next week.
I've seen Jeanne, Dan and the kids twice already. Yesterday the kids modeled the clothes they will wear to a wedding next weekend. They move so quickly and constantly that focus is next to nil without a flash. Had a really early supper with them at 5:30 after I left Mom and Dad.
Now I'm here at Kate and Denny's. He's the chef in this branch of the family and tonight we ate chicken soaked in coconut milk and grilled on skewers and gado gado, which is veggies with peanut sauce. Really, really good peanut sauce.
Caroline and Steve and kids are out of town this weekend - and sick too. Need to get back to the house and call it a day. Another walk in the park is first on the agenda for Sunday morning. Can't get any better than that.
My days will be filled to the brim.

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