Sunday, August 08, 2010

BlogHer 10: Packing Up

Well, here I am with Dora at BlogHer. Lauren McGrady is going to love this photo. There is so much to write about, yet Kate and I spent this last evening sorting and packing. My suitcase is more than heavy. We are leaving swag here, a tee shirt, canvas bags, assorted stuff that we didn't get down to the BlogHer swag exchange.
My iPhone alarm is set for 4:45 a.m. and I'll cab it out to LaGuardia. We've had a good time. I wouldn't have missed the BlogHer conference, a Sunday morning walk on the High Line, more than a few subway rides and three Broadway plays. 'next to normal' was a knockout last night. Followed by "A Little Night Music" as Sunday matinee.
We used Yelp to find a sweet little French restaurant on West 55th St. after the play. Thank you, Caroline for adding this app to my iPhone. I've also been using another app to find our way here and there. Makes the iPhone a personal hand held GPS.
See Kate's take on the conference here. She flew to New York last Wednesday just hours after a camping trip near Mount Baker. From high mountains to man made canyons.

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