Saturday, August 28, 2010

Comfort Food

Made my way to Chinook's again last even and ordered and ate total comfort food after a very full day of family. Comfort food at Chinook's would be a gin martini, a smoked salmon pot pie and a hot fudge sundae, in that order.
Made me realize how emotion laden these days in Seattle can become. Mom gets very restless in the late afternoons and twice Dad told me he was grateful I was there. Mom's face becomes anxious, she wants to get up from her chair, yet has no idea where she'd like to walk, cannot get coherent phrases out and nothing is quite right for her. Dad watches her like a hawk, seeing every nuance and is tired of being 'watchful.'
Spent the morning with Caroline and kids. Lulu had a ballet class, sort of a parent open-house class that was fun to watch, but all through the exercises there was attrition as the little dancers left the center of the studio to sit on their mom's laps.
It seemed all too much for at least a third of the class. Lulu was among those who found 'something' too much. The teacher called for a ballet 'rest time'. I suspect it's something she does in every class and they all seemed to need it.
Both Charlie and Lulu seemed on edge. I put it down to yesterday's full moon. We sat at the Shell station for almost 30 minutes until they decided their mom really meant it when she asked them to put their seat belts on. I remember back in the day when I drove a car pool with six kids (Hansens, Camfields and Stouts) to the University of Houston Laboratory nursery school and often, the six got way too crazy in the back seats. I'd stop the car, turn off the radio, which invariably was playing Steely Dan, or at least, that is what I remember. We'd sit on the side of the road until they were quiet.
So, yesterday was draining. A lot of emotions stirring inside me. When I left Mom and Dad at 6:00 p.m. as they sat down to dinner, I was off to Value Village to donate more stuff that Kate and I sorted through and then I ventured into Value Village and was there over an hour filling my cart with assorted dishes, children's books and books for myself. I know what this random shopping is about. Decompressing from the day. But it wasn't over yet. At 8:00 p.m., I departed with purchases and sped toward Chinook's for the pleasant high of a martini and all that comfort food.

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Sharon said...

Break time can be a good idea. This summer there have been times when I have sunk to the floor to stretch out - it helps me find my reset button.