Friday, August 06, 2010

BlogHer10: Day One

So, the first day of BlogHer 10 is well underway. And I am loving every moment. There are so many terrific women to meet and so many who are eager to connect. I've heard there are 2500 of us here at this conference. Three years ago when I flew to Chicago for the third-ever conference, there were about 800 in attendance. That was deemed a lot. And at that time, Twitter was about six months old. I remember I saw just one person using it and thought it kind of crazy to be letting folks know exactly where you were at all times. What a difference three years makes.
This morning, I saw my BlogHer-going friend Cynthia Samuels, Houstonian Karen Walrond and super organizer from Levenworth WA, April Welch. Always fun to see familiar faces. That's Cynthia on the right and I must find the name of her friend on the left. We had a nice conversation but her business card vanished from my stack.

The food is great. Swag is continuously piling up. Every time I come back to our room, there is more left on our bed. I am leaving it all here in New York. They have a room where we can drop it off for recycling and give-aways.
Off to the first breakout session of the afternoon. Still trying to choose which one to attend. Which of these sound more interesting? "This year, you're in! Fashion Blogging is Serious Business" or "Bringing Sex Out of the Closet"?
It's later and I'm continuing this post. I've heard about fashion blogging and now I am in a very crowded room where's we'll hear a panel on "Bringing Sex Out of the Closet." I did not have to choose between sex and fashion after all. How fortunate. There's a booth right outside giving away free lube samples and we get to see a lot of sex toys. Well, they are beginning now. More soon.

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