Friday, August 06, 2010

BlogHer 10: More

More photos from today. Here's The Bloggess typing notes on an old pink manual typewriter. Women were standing in line to get her typed 'autograph'. She looks terrific and if you haven't read her blog, you are in for a treat. She's a Houston blogger and here is one of her funniest blog posts ever: Stop With All the Semen.
Karen Walrond, also from Houston, applied words on women's arms during cocktail hour. Karen did not, however, inscribe the fancy tattoo on this blogger's arm.
And here is AV Flox, one of the panelists for "Bringing Sex Out of the Closet". Now all of this sounds as if we've had a very sexy day. Not totally true. The first breakout session I attended was a resume and social network profile writing clinic. Then there was that session on fashion blogging. Tomorrow morning, I'll check out "Where's the Line or the Lie: Storytelling, Memoir and Poetic License." Then "Your Online Legacy: How to Control Your Digital Footprint." I think I'll conclude with "How to Start, Engage in and Moderate Civil Political Debate." In between these three sessions will be trips to see the vendors, another luncheon buffet and plenty of coffee.
Here's my sister Kate photographing a Karaoke blogger whom she knows from Seattle. We took more photographs after she'd finished her stage time. And then we all danced to Sister Sledge's 'We Are Family.' It was my request of the DJ. Of course. Here's to all our family!

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I am SO stealing that picture.

You rock.