Saturday, August 07, 2010

BlogHer 10 Keynote: Use Your Voice

Terrific lineup for the closing keynote at BlogHer 10. Panel with Marie Wilson, who was, for decades, president of the Ms. Foundation and then went on to create The White House Project, an organization that advocates for women in leadership. Add Gloria Feldt, to whom Cynthia Samuels introduced me on Friday morning. Wish I'd had the chance to visit with Gloria. She is the former President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood Foundation of America. Here's the original photo I took of her with Cynthia and here's another from this afternoon's keynote address.
She and Marie Wilson are terrific and it was a privilege to hear them both. Check out the links to read more.
Now add Simran Sethi, associate professor at University of Kansas School of Journalism, and moderator Alison Stewart, broadcaster who began her career at MTV and now has the time slot on PBS held by Bill Moyers. What a mix of talent, accomplishment and good story telling these women brought to the final BlogHer keynote titled "How to Use Your Voice, Your Platform and Your Power."
Will post more about New York, about BlogHer and about life in general. Just way too many things happening to even recount them in any kind of order.

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